Saoco, Cuban Coconut Cocktail

Saoco, Cuban Coconut Cocktail

Coming from poverty and resourcefulness, this is a drink with ancestral tradition, use primarily as a madicine for Cuba’s first peasants and slaves, Saoco become later a cocktail. Made from what was at hand, coconuts, limes, some rum, sugar or honey and it was ready, Very refreshing, a slighty improved version is served now at some cuban bars. Enjoy this recipe and taste cuban flavour and tradition.
This drink should be made with a light rum, 3 years Habana Club, would do the trick, if you have it at hand. find any other light rum or aguardiente if not. Try to get all ingredients as fresh as it gets.


2.5 teaspoons lime juice.
2 teaspoons refined sugar or honey.
1.5 ounces of light rum.
2.5 ounces of Coconut water.


Blend everything in a glass, and stir until sugar dissolve totally. Add ice blocks to the glass, some people prefer crushed ice. Refill with coconut water if you like it lighter. Drink and be refreshed!!

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