Culinary sayings

Culinary sayings

Proverbs are the synthesized expression of a thought and are used in daily activities, forming part of our language. There are some that are millennial and others very typical of countries and regions. Some have universal size.

Also known as sayings, they are used as a reference and sometimes they are the only way to make us understand.

As globetrotters traveling from country to country and from continent to continent as forms of culture, they are nourished by the ecological and social environment where the people that generate them live, which makes them faithful representatives of their cultural identity.


Cuban kitchen proverbs

Below we present 30 that are closely related to the kitchen:

  1. The dead to the hole and the wine to the chicken
  2. To eat and drink, money you have to have
  3. Between cabbage and cabbage, lettuce
  4. Keep believing that chicharron is meat
  5. To bread bread and wine wine
  6. The mango does not give guava
  7. Love enters by the kitchen
  8. Those who do not want broth are given 3 cups
  9. Save bread for May
  10. Trouble times with bread are lesser
  11. The one who eats good and bad eats 2 times
  12. Full belly happy heart
  13. That’s another matter.
  14. Shrimp that falls asleep, current carriets it
  15. Pumpkin Pumpkin each for his house
  16. The owner of the cow is the owner of the calf
  17. I buy fish and the i took fear from the head
  18. The one that is made of honey is eaten by ants
  19. The oven is not for cookies
  20. Seeing the milk given by the cow better feed the calf
  21. You are eating what the chicken bites
  22. Clear accounts and thick chocolate
  23. They caught it roasting corn
  24. The thought do not drink soup
  25. You’re like fish on stage
  26. The one who has already eaten does not remember the one who is hungry
  27. Scrambled river, profit of fishermen
  28. The master’s eye fattens the horse
  29. The cane is going to be to three pieces
  30. Who gives bread to another dog loses the bread and loses the dog
Culinary sayings
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Culinary sayings
We present 30 that are closely related to the kitchen
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