Lodging in Cuba, Where to stay when traveling

Lodging in Cuba, Where to stay when traveling

Hotels in Cuba

Here in Cuban Food Recipes we want to help you with some advice about lodging in Cuba and Where to stay when traveling.

When traveling to Cuba, one of the main things to address is a place to stay. Like in most countries you can choose a hotel, or a local accommodation. All Hotels in Cuba are state managed even when they use foreign investment. Stars are sometimes a little relative and you may find that what you expect for the amount of starts is not what you find in reality. Maybe for this, some foreign magazines assign starts as they decide instead of the official starts for the hotel. But don’t worry, big Hotels and hotels in packages are well suited to stay, and the government care for these installations is cardinal since tourism is the biggest source of income for the country.

The main hotels in Havana are “Habana Libre”, “Presidente”; which are in Vedado a very famous and centric zone; in Old Habana you can find “Parque Central”, “Saratoga” and many others.

To find a hotel that suits you, we recommend Booking.com, there you can find hotels by zones and reviews from these, trivago.com and others sites can also be used. Prices are not the cheapest in these sites, and you can find competition when you search the internet.


Private Lodging in Cuba

Another very valid option to stay is a private house for rent. These state licensed places belongs to local citizens and consist in the rental of a full house; a room in the house where the owners live, a room in a hostel like edification, where you can access other services like internet, meals, etc. And even you can find shared rooms for ”backpackers”.

Prices are dependent on the offer, but you can find from $30 a night to several hundred when you rent a full house. These accommodations offer a variety of services for the same price; you can get breakfast for free in some of them. For a cheap plus you can have food and others.

You should always rent in a licensed place; this ensures certain conditions that the government requires to grant one of these licenses.

You will get in any rent in Cuba, air conditioned, clean bed clothes, also in most of them a private bath is available, minibar and others. Also you will have the local counseling and hospitality which is very good to know the country.

These are some sites where you can find rents to book online.






Payment from Internet

Because of embargo US-CUBA is difficult for Cubans to collect the money paid on internet, what it’s worst, is event illegal for sites send money to Cuba, what they do sometimes is put this money on virtual cards that Cubans have to empty in foreign countries or through a middle man.
For this, many times the sites that offer the booking system for these houses require that you paid in cash at arrival. This is totally normal, but if you want to have the security of have something paid, sites like booking.com do offer an online paying system.
We will be publishing other articles regarding traveling to Cuba. Keep in touch, and travel safe.


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