Guava helmets in syrup

Guava helmets in syrup


Guava helmets in syrup is a tropical Creole delicacy, known by all Cubans and extremely easy to prepare, is part of the country’s sweet tradition. The “Casquitos de guayaba“.



  • 1500g Guava Helmets
  • 1000ml of water (cooking)
  • 1500g Sugar
  • 8g Salt


Guava helmets in syrup preparation

Select thick-crust guavas, cut them in half and extract the seeds and pulp with a spoon.

Put to boil in a large container with the necessary water, you should make sure you have at least 1 liter of the cooking water when the guava hulls are soft.

Once they are soft put to cook with only one liter of water the sugar, and salt for 20 minutes.

Serve cold, optionally with white cheese or cream cheese.



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Guava helmets in syrup
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