Cuban sandwich

Cuban sandwich

This Cuban sandwich recipe is ideal for any time of the day. To the quality of its nutrients, we must add its intense flavor.


  • 1 loaf of bread for sandwiches
  • 4-5 slices of
    • roast pork or in its place lacón
    • cooked ham
    • French cheese, I used cheddar
  • 4-5 medium pickles in vinegar
  • Mustard
  • Butter at room temperature


Sandwitch Ingredients

Cuban Sandwich Elaboration:

We put the griddle or grill to heat, if you have a double lid is perfect but can also be done perfectly in a non-stick pan.
Cut the bar in half and spread it on the inside with the butter and when we have the hot iron we place the bread through the open part on the plate.
Leave on medium high heat until golden; in this way the crunchy layer will prevent the bread from getting too thick and crunchy.
Remove from the heat and spread with the mustard on both internal sides.
Now we pass the ham as well as the roasted pork or the lacón by the iron, round and round so that it takes some temperature but that does not dry out. And we put on the bread.


cuban-sadwitch- elaboration


On top of the meat we put the slices of cheese and on top of them the pickles cut lengthwise in slices.
We close the sandwich or the Cuban sandwich easy recipe, with the other piece of bread and spread on the outside and on both sides with butter.
Again we take the sandwich to the griddle, let it brown on one side and turn it on the other.
If we have a double iron, close it until it is golden brown. In the case that this is not the case, put weight on top of it, a baking tray, for example and let it brown on the other side at the same time the cheese melts.
When it is golden you can remove it from fire and let it get tempered and we have it ready to eat.




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