Creole Ajiaco

Creole Ajiaco


The Creole Ajiaco is a Cuban dish that has a very strong broth with meats and tubers, the broth is little in each serving served due to the large number of cuts of tubers and floating meats.



  • 145g Dried beef
  • 145g Pig Head
  • 87g Bacon
  • 190g Platano pintón (Half Done Banana)
  • 190g Malanga
  • 220g  of
    • Tender corn
    • Pumpkin
    • Sweet Potato
  • 75g Criolla sauce
  • 60ml Oil
  • 2500ml Water
  • Salt to taste


How prepare a Creole Ajiaco

Soak the dried beef for 12 hours, clean the head of the pig and cut it into pieces, put the meat in water for 30 minutes, add the pork head and let it cook until it softens.

Then extract the meats and refresh, remove the head clean the dried beef and cut into pieces of approximately 43g.

Strain the broth and pour it back into the cauldron, add the corn first and let it cook for 45 minutes to soften start adding the tubers cut into pieces of 3 or 4 cm according to order of hardness (Malanga, Banana , Sweet Potato, Pumpkin).

Cut the bacon in pieces and brown in the oil, mix with the Creole sauce and add when the food is almost soft, cook for 10 minutes more.


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