Cuban coffee

Cuban coffee

And finally, a Cuban coffee … a little coffee cup, a good cigar, plus a small glass of liquor, aged rum or cognac … and to talk over the dinner table.

Of all this, the only thing that is done at home is coffee, which traditionally accompanies us since dawn. For any Cuban, it is indispensable and irreplaceable symbol of hospitality a cup (generally small) of coffee, which today is usually expressed in espresso coffee machines, but if you prefer it truly Creole, here is the recipe:

First, get a cloth sieve in the form of a funnel white, of course, it later loses that color. Before starting to use it, boil it a couple of times in coffee grounds so that the first coffee does not taste like a cloth.

Second: Look for a lectern or “steep”, which can be made of wood or aluminum, to hold the strainer, and place a small jug under it.



Only the first time:

For each cup of coffee you want, boil:
1 cup of water (about ¼ cup or 2 ounces)
1 teaspoon of brown sugar
When it begins to boil, pour it (for each cup of water) – 2 tablespoons of coffee, stir it. Leave it on the candle until it starts to rise again. Strain it If necessary, heat it in a water bath.


From Later On

… And then, every time you go making coffee:
Boil the previous coffee grounds with water first. Use that water to make the new coffee: For each cup of coffee that you want to make, boil 1 cup of water from the coffee grounds (approximately ¼ cup or 2 ounces) and ¾ tablespoon of brown sugar. Do it in the same way before, but use only one teaspoon of coffee for each cup.
With this method you save 50% coffee every time you strain it. And if the cups are not very large, you can get 3 servings with only double the measures

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