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The Tamal in leaves is a legendary dish of Latin America, composed of 95% corn, in Cuba has its own variant.

  • 750g Tender corn
  • 230g Pork Meat
  • 116g Onion
  • 12g Garlic
  • 18g Sweet paprika
  • 20ml oil
  • White pepper ground to taste
  • Salt to taste

Cut the pork into pieces of approximately 2cm. Cut the onion to the fine gardener and the garlic finely. Fry the meat in oil until it browns, add the onion and garlic and let it wither. Add the pepper and mix with the corn. Add salt, pepper and stir.

For the preparation of tamales you should choose the corn leaves, put portions of the mixture prepared on a sheet in the form of a cartridge, fold the bottom up, cover with another sheet bending the bottom down so that it remains as a little pillow, tie with a cross rope making the knot in front. Repeat until all the mixture is consumed.

Put a container with water and a pinch of salt to the fire, when it is boiling add the tamales(little pillows you just made) and let boil for 25 minutes, remove the tamales.

Serve without the leaf and accompanied with spicy or sweet sauce.

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